Date Page Contents of renewal
Birth 2012/01/27
Birth 2011/06/13 All reserved
Climber & Mocha
1 Boy(Blue Tabby) 2Girls(Brown Tabby & white)
Birth date 2008/01/21 All reserved
Climber & Kaitlin
1 Boy(Brown Tabby) 3Girls(Brown Tabby & white)

up 2007/07/14 All Reserved

up 2007/04/22 All Reserved

2007/03/17 We welcomed a new crew :-))
Her name is Kaitlin
She is a beautiful lady!!.

Tuscaloosa Kaitlin of Furaido
03/04 I have New kitten on March 4.
Climber x Bilqis
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6/13 Renew Mail Address We changed an e-mail address!!.