FURAIDO, located in Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan, is a cattery dedicated to Maine Coon cats.
The cattery is registered at TICA and CFA.
Our family consists of Hitomi, Takashi, and a few good cats.

Our breeding cats a Hip checked by OFA.
As for the signs of HCM and PKD, it is examined.
Therefore I must do the shift of most cats.
And, before we resume propagation, it still takes time in 2 in 1year.
Please know that breeders cannot guarantee that their cats will not have this condition.
Furaido is making every effort to reduce the risks.

We are while doing the HCM DNA test of our cats.
Therefore, we have no breed plan at present.

It was 1997 that we had Maine Coon cats for the first time.We had decided to pet cats but were not sure about the breed.We would look at the pictures in cat books but we had hard time settling. Since we wanted a longhaired cat, we narrowed down the choices to "Norwegian", "Maine Coon",and "Somali".After a long selection process, we finally settled on "Maine Coon".
We were attracted to their wildcat-like active appearance and the fact that they grow into the biggest cats among the straightbred.
We saw an advertisement in a monthly cat magazine and called the breeder.
We went to take a look right away. Our first impression of Maine Coon cat was that it's just huge, which surprised us. The girl we were given was very beautiful.
She was a bit shy but a very sweet girl.
She would meow "Ngnaaa, Ngnaaa" and would always sleep on my husband's pillow, curling up as if to enclose her head.
She has passed away but we will never forget her as she was the first cat of our own. Her name was Lana.
We are still inexperienced breeders.
We began to live with Maine Coon cats in 1997, but never had opportunity to breed.
We showed the cat at TICA cat shows a few times. But we were never able to achieve good results and she was scared of it, so we gave up on cat shows (we never enjoyed them back then).
We had a girl and we asked the cat club we belonged to find us a boy.Then came STAR GATE, our new family member.His breeder was very into cat shows.
He explained to us how great STAR GATE was as a show cat.
With STAR GATE, we were able to win the Rosette for the first time.STAR GATE loves cat shows and he seems to feel no stress at a show.He rolls about on the judge table and makes rumbling sound with joy.
As for breeding, we will try to be careful to focus on their temperament as much as we focus on their ppearances.
If we were to give our cat to someone we would like him/her to feel the joy and excitement of winning the Rosette -- so much better if it's their first time showing cats. For this reason, we ask you for patience because we are very careful in selecting a cat for you and it takes for a while.
When we offer our cat as a household pet, we want the cat to be loved by the owners and even by the owners' friends as well.

Since 2004
All the cats at FURAIDO, including those not used for breeding, are given vaccination and tests every year. Starting from 2004, they are given HCM/PKD tests and OFA's HD evaluation before they start breeding.
They will take HCM test every year; PKD before breeding; HD before breeding and when they are two years old.
We always wait for test results before they can start breeding.
Unfortunately, kittens with these diseases could be born from parents with no abnormity found in the tests.
HCM, in particular, tends to happen to older cats. Even if a cat is diagnosed normal there's still a risk of developing HCM in the future.
This is a very troublesome disease.
The risk could be greatly reduced if we could find the disease in cats' DNA. But, with the technology today, we can only say, "Right now,there's no sign of the disease".
PKD can be prevented in most cases.
With HD, kittens not suitable for breeding could be born even from parents with normal hip joints. But it is said that their symptoms would be lessserious than those from parents with bad hips.
We also avoid cats who are allergic and considered weak in immune system.
FURAIDO's breeding program takes the highest priority on the well-being of our future kittens.